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Anna Valerious
Anna Valerious
Species Human
Sex Female
Occupation Princess
Love Interest(s) Gabriel Van Helsing
Portrayer Kate Beckinsale
Appearance(s) Van Helsing

Anna is one of the main characters in the Van Helsing Movie and a native of a village in Transylvania. Count Dracula has been killing her family and she wants revenge--in addition her family cannot leave purgatory until he is killed. Anna also holds a personal grudge with Aleera for reasons unknown. She is the love interest of Van Helsing and is played by Kate Beckinsale in the 2004 film.

Van Helsing Edit

Anna Valerious She is the love interest of Van helsing she wants to kill Dracula once and for all. She is the last heir to the royal bloodline and is attacked a lot of times to be wiped off but because of Van helsing she manages to escape and in a lot of moments she is shown very strong and in the whole movie she with Van helsing kills the brides and in the end also manages to kill Dracula but at the last moment of curing Van helsing she is killed by Him as he was transformed into a werewolf and didn't know what he was doing he jumps on her and they go flying all the way to the couch and because of this her spine is cracked or crushed and she is killed.

Meeting Van Helsing Edit

Van helsing comes to Transvillania to kill evil and save princess Anna she meets him in a village in which she is giving orders and after their talk they are attacked by the brides Aleera Verona Marishka and in an extraordinary battle the bride Marishka is killed and Anna saved. Anna recognizes him as Van helsing because she has heard about him to be a strong person and a fearless one also.

Reuniting with Velkan Edit

First after Velkan saves Anna from the werewolf and is bitten. They meet at the mansion in which he tells her Dracula has a cure and at that very moment transforms into a werewolf and Van helsing comes to save Anna but velkan gets away. Then after Van helsing and Anna go to castle Frankenstein Anna after finding about the brides children pods she goes into a room where a experiment is taking place she intervenes and saves her brother but at the same moment he transforms into a werewolf and starts to attack but luckily she is saved by Van helsing who was having a talk with Dracula. They escape the castle right on time and survive.


When they escape they fall into a cave and find the Frankenstein monster which they capture but are seen by the werewolf then they try to escape by transvillanian horses but the brides attack but they had made a plan and were successful of killing Verona one of the brides then they are interrupted by the werewolf and in the process the werewolf which was Anna's brother Velkan is killed Anna becomes sad and also shocked when she finds out that Van helsing is bitten then trying to run away she is slapped and knocked out by Aleera and taken prisoner.

The Masquerade BallEdit

Then after they go to save Anna Aleera demands a trade Anna for Frankenstein then Van helsing agrees and knocks out Frankenstein and hides him and goes out of bringing Anna back. Meanwhile at the masquerade ball Anna is in a trance and dancing with Dracula then Dracula gets close to her and gives her a kiss waking her up.


Then they dance all around Anna can't move when Dracula is about to bite her Van helsing shows up and saves her and escape with Carl. But Frankenstein is captured.


The Final BattleEdit

Now Anna is saved they go to save Frankenstein to stop the vampire children to live they split up Anna and Carl to find the cure and Van helsing to help Frankenstein his plan is if he isn't cured till midnight then they will have to kill him and then Anna gets a little emotional and Van helsing says her to not be late and they share a kiss and Anna leaves and tell igor to lead the way igor tricks them and captures them and goes away in the room Aleera appears then Anna splashes the case which held the cure which was full of viscus material which burns Aleeras face then Carl escapes but Anna is inturupted and thrown away. She tells Carl to take it to Van helsing.Then after being slapped she is exhausted and Aleera attempts to bite her but is saved by Frankenstein meanwhile the bridge collapses Carl in trouble Anna swings around by a wire and Carl throws the cure to Anna and trying to escape Aleera throws Anna all the way down but she gets a hold of the wall and Climbs up but Aleera in her attempt to kill her one more time Anna tries to crawl away but can't Aleera getting closer Carl throws a spear at Anna and she grabs it and stabs Aleera straight through the heart and Aleera shrieks and explodes.

Death Edit

After killing Aleera Anna runs to Van helsing before it's too late then when she arrives Dracula is killed Anna runs to Van helsing who is a werewolf at the moment spins around and jumps on Anna and they go flying to a nearby couch then Carl is about to kill him he stops him and removes the cure and reveals Anna dead. He Transforms back to human form and is sad about what he has done.


Funeral Edit

They do a funeral for her. Van helsing is sad for not saving her he sees her in the sky with her family and happy she thanks him. Knowing this he is happy of completing his mission and happy for seeing Anna happy. He goes of with Carl on the horses to the sunset.

Figures Edit



Appearance Edit

She wear a white and red type of shirt and on it she wears a red jacket which has fur on them. She also wears a cross so she would be protected and have God on her side she also wears a black skirt and long shoes with high heels she carries a sword with her for protection she has curly hair and sometimes wears earrings. She also wears gloves. She carries herself quite well. Shes usually in her corset top, black spandex pants, and black thigh high boots. Her hair is long and slightly curly She has pouty lips and she-devil eyes.


Personality Edit

She is a very strong character as she is shown not to be scared of vampires as she bravely fights them and when she is picked up into the air she hardly screams that shows she is very strong she does backflips and other moves she is also seen beautiful and loving for her family and for them she is ready to die. She is shown to care about Van helsing.She's a strong yet gentle woman. Can be merciless when it comes to fighting the undead. She's almost fearless which can and usually gets her in alot of trouble.

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