Anna Valerious
Anna Valerious
Species Human
Sex Female
Occupation Princess
Love Interest(s) Gabriel Van Helsing
Portrayer Kate Beckinsale
Appearance(s) Van Helsing

Princess Anna Valerious is one of the main characters in the Van Helsing Movie and a native of a village in Transylvania. She is the descendant of Valerious The Elder, daughter of King Boris Valerious and sister of Prince Velkan Valerious. Count Dracula has been killing her family and she wants revenge--in addition her family cannot leave purgatory until he is killed. Anna also holds a personal grudge with Aleera for reasons unknown. She is the love interest of Van Helsing and is played by Kate Beckinsale in the 2004 film.

Van Helsing Edit

Anna Valerious is the love interest of Van Helsing who needs to kill Dracula once and for all in following in her ancestor's footsteps in trying to kill Dracula. She is the last heir to the royal bloodline and is attacked several times but because of Van Helsing's interference, she manages to escape and in a lot of moments she is shown to be very strong. Throughout the movie she with Van Helsing kills the brides and in the end also manages to kill Dracula but at the last moment of curing Van Helsing she is killed by him as he was transformed into a werewolf and didn't know what he was doing as he jumps on her and they go flying all the way to the couch and because of this her neck snapped.

Meeting Van Helsing Edit

Van Helsing comes to Transylvania under orders to assist princess Anna kill Count Dracula while seeking answers about his mysterious past. She meets him in a village in which she coldly orders Van Helsing to identify and disarm himself which he refuses before they are attacked by the brides Aleera, Verona, and Marishka. During the attack, Anna gets captured several times only to be saved by Van Helsing, though while he deals with Marishka she is cornered by Aleera and Verona only to avoid being bitten when they felt Marishka is killed and the brides escape. Anna instantly recognizes him as Van Helsing because she has heard about him to be a strong person and a fearless one also.

Reuniting with Velkan Edit

Once returning to her family's mansion, she wastes no time rearming herself to try to locate and kill Dracula while exchanging information with both Van Helsing and Carl about what her family knew, but was prevented from leaving after Helsing used a knock out spray on her. While heading to confront Van Helsing for preventing her from going after Dracula, she sensed that something was following her and was correct when encountering a werewolf and her brother Velkan. Sometime before Van Helsing arrived, she and her brother Velkan captured and attempted to kill a werewolf Dracula sent to eliminate them both and though her brother saved his sister by shooting a silver bullet, he is knocked off a cliff by the werewolf and bitten in the process. Relieved her brother was still alive, Anna tried to warn him about the werewolf but was interrupted when he tells her Dracula has a cure and at that very moment transforms into the same werewolf that was stalking her devastating Anna in the process. Van Helsing comes to save Anna but Velkan escapes and Anna overhears Carl giving Van Helsing silver bullets and proceeds to stop him from killing the only family she had left. She succeeds in saving her brother's life, but Van Helsing disapproves her actions since her brother's now a threat and cannot be saved but is convinced to help find Velkan.

Castle FrankensteinEdit

The trail leads to Castle Frankenstein which according to Anna was abandoned after the owner Victor Frankenstein was killed a year previously and she mentioned her father disappeared around the same time heading to the sea which she wishes to see once Dracula is dealt with. While exploring the castle they discover strange pods that Van Helsing realizes the pods contain the offspring of Dracula and his brides and are concerned when they see numerous pods hanging around the castle's interior. She goes into a room in the upper tower where a experiment is taking place that her brother is subjected to being a test subject and she intervenes attempting to save her brother but at the same moment he transforms into a werewolf. She is saved by Van Helsing who escaped after having a strange conversation with Dracula and as they were escaping the castle by using a zipline, Velkan jumps onto the line only to snap the cable under his weight having both Van Helsing and Anna swing into a forest while the Wolf Man falls into the river but survives. While heading to a burned down windmill, Anna berates Van Helsing for using a silver stake and a crucifix on Dracula since her family had already tried using different methods to kill the vampire with no sucess and apoligizing for wasting time trying to save her brother. They both share a moment by drinking absinthe but unexpectedly fall into an underground cave when the floor gives out underneath them.


While inside the cave they encounter the Frankenstein Monster which they capture and Anna attempts to kill the creature but Van Helsing intervenes. The Monster reveals that Dracula plans to bring his children to life mentioning the experiment failed previously and begged to be killed because his "father" Victor Frankenstein created the Monster under Dracula's orders not knowing his "son" was the key to bring Dracula's offspring to life. Unfortunately the three are seen by the Wolf Man. They then try to take the Monster to Rome for protection using Transylvanian horses, the only creatures capable of outrunning werewolves. The brides attack but Van Helsing, Anna, and Carl managed to plan ahead by using two carriages with Van Helsing riding a decoy loaded with stakes while Anna and Carl were in the other carriage with theMonster and were successful of killing Verona but are interrupted by the Wolf Man and the three barely jumped out of the carriage before it crashed. Later in the morning Anna encounters Velkan who is dying from his wound after being shot by Van Helsing and they share a tender moment before he dies. Out of grief, she attacks Van Helsing only to her horror she discovers Van Helsing has been bitten by her brother and unexpectedly gets knocked unconcious and kidnapped by Aleera.

The Masquerade BallEdit

As they dance all around Anna can't move while Dracula mentions that he seeks a bride and considers Anna a suitable candidate. When Dracula is about to bite her, Van Helsing arrives and saves her with Carl's assistance, but Dracula reveals Frankenstein captured by his minions and the situation gets worse when all the guests in the ballroom reveal themselves as vampires. Thanks to Carl's invention (a device capable of imitating sunlight on a large scale), the three are able to escape but Dracula also leave with the Frankenstein Monster and proceeds to carry out his goal in bringing life to his offspring.

The Final BattleEdit

When Anna, Carl, and Van Helsing arrived at Castle Frankenstein, Dracula had all of Frankenstein's laboratory equipment relocated leaving Van Helsing frustrated since the effects of the werewolf bite are affecting his behavior and his physical strength. According to Carl's research, he learned that Dracula was related to Anna's family specifically Valerious the Elder's son though Anna stated everyone already knew this information but Carl proceeded to include that Dracula was brought back to life by making a deal with the devil after he was murdered by the Left Hand of God. Her ancestor banished Dracula to an abandoned fortress while leaving clues so that his future generations could kill his son for him since he did not have the heart to commit the deed himself. After arriving at Castle Dracula, the three learn from the Frankenstein Monster that Dracula has a cure to remove the werewolf's curse which Carl realizes the only way to kill the Count is a werewolf who has the will to turn on Dracula. Anna and Carl would take Igor to find the cure while Van Helsing rescues Frankenstein and deal with Dracula and if he isn't cured by midnight they will have to kill him. Anna gets emotional and Van Helsing says her to not be late and they share a kiss and Anna leaves and tell Igor to lead the way. Once they find the cure, Igor tricks them and captures them and goes away to warn Dracula which Aleera appears later then Anna splashes the case which held the cure which was full of viscus material which burns Aleera's face allowing Carl to escape but Anna is interrupted and thrown away. She tells Carl to take the cure to Van Helsing while she deals with Aleera, who takes advantage of the fight by smothering out all torches in the area leaving Anna in the dark. After being slapped around she is exhausted and Aleera attempts to bite her but is saved by Frankenstein meanwhile the bridge collapses leaving Carl in trouble and Anna swings around by a wire and Carl throws the cure to Anna but Aleera throws Anna all the way down but she gets a hold of the wall and climbs up. With Aleera getting closer mocking Anna, Carl throws a stake at Anna and she grabs it and stabs Aleera straight through the heart telling Aleera how she should've killed her instead of talking about it while Aleera shrieks and explodes.

Sacrifice Edit

After killing Aleera, Anna proceeds to locate Van Helsing before the final stroke of midnight when she arrives and sees Dracula is killed by Van Helsing who is a werewolf at the moment rushes at him with the cure in hand. But Van Helsing spins around and charges at Anna and they go flying to a nearby couch. Then Carl arrives to see Van Helsing and is about to kill him with a silver stake when Helsing stops him, removes the syringe and reveals Anna dead from a broken neck from the collision. He transforms back to human form and is sad about what he has done.

Funeral Edit

Sometime later, Van Helsing and Carl prepare a funeral pyre on a cliffside overlooking the sea while the Frankenstein Monster rows away on a raft. Van Helsing, who is grieving her feels Anna's presence and sees her in the sky with her family and smiles at him before she disappears in the sky. Knowing this he is happy for not only completing his mission but grateful for seeing Anna's family finding peace, he rides off with Carl on horses to the sunset.

Figures Edit

She has an athletic and lean, but still curvy and feminine figure. She dresses in beautiful medieval gothic clothes that are comfortable to fight in. She carries a sword at her side, sometimes a knife in her boots and a cross on her neck. She has beautiful dark brown curls, thick lashes, and mysterious glare in her hazel eyes, and berry lips. On the masquerade ball she puts her curls up in an intricate updo, and wears a bejeweled tiara, and also a fiery red ball gown with gloves and matching jewelry.

Personality Edit

Anna is shown to be very strong willed and stubborn, despite how much trouble it gets her into. She is determined in her quest to save her brother and slay Dracula, lifting the curse from her family. Despite her tough exterior, her caring nature shines through in her concern for her family and Van Helsing, despite being a bit cold to the vampire hunter in the beginning of the film.