The Brides of Dracula are the three mates that were chosen and turned by Count Dracula. They were seen in the film Van Helsing, portrayed by Josie Maran, Silvia Colloca and Elena Anaya.

He is very fond of them as he implores them gently not to fear him when they cower in fear of his rage and they spring at him and hiss and caress him which he enjoys.


Van Helsing (2004)Edit


At the beginning of the film, Marishka and her sisters are seen weeping over the loss of Frankenstein's Monster which was needed to bring their children to life.

Marishka was the first bride to be killed off by Gabriel Van Helsing. She was first encountered upon the monster hunter's arrival in Transylvania and was ordered by Verona to kill him. Marishka took great pleasure in toying with Gabriel before killing him, however she didn't get the chance to as the monster hunter took up his Repeater Crossbow, dipped it in holy water and shot her with it. She died while decomposing atop of the church's tower.

Van Helsing: The Video GameEdit

In the 2004 video game, Marishka was in a nearby church with her and her sisters surrounding Anna Valerious, until they were stopped by Van Helsing. She is in fact the first bride to die, however instead of being shot with the crossbow, she was staked to the cross inside the church by Van Helsing.



Van Helsing (2004)Edit

Like her other sisters, Verona was seen at the beginning of the film, mourning the the apparent death of the Frankenstein monster, who was needed to bring their children to life. They attacked Anna Varlerious' village with the intent of killing her, but after the death of Marishka, she and Aleera fled back to Castle Dracula. Once there, they tried to convince their husband not to go through with another experiment that could result in the death of his children, but Dracula scared them into submission, and comforted them afterward. She and Aleera watched their children were born, but they mourned when they all exploded because they used Velkan Valerious as a conductor.

When Velkan found the monster, he informed Dracula and his brides, so she and Aleera went to capture him. Verona was killed after realizing Van Helsing's carriage was a decoy carrying a stake bomb, which exploded, sending stakes into her body.

Van Helsing: The Video GameEdit

The game version of Verona is similar in terms of death, in fact she is killed off the same way as she was in the movie, but fought Van Helsing when he was on the roof of the carriage.



Van Helsing (2004)Edit

Like her sisters, Aleera was seen in the beginning of the film, mourning over the death of the monster. She took part in the attack on the village, but confronted Anna before Verona. She and Verona almost drank her blood, but fled after Marishka's death. She, like Verona, tried to convince their husband not to go through with trying to bring their children to life, but they were frightened by his outburst, then comforted thereafter.

After Verona died, Aleera captured Anna and brought her back to Dracula, then was sent to find Van Helsing in order to discuss a trade. She left the masquerade ball with Dracula after they had the monster, heading back to Castle Dracula. She later confronted Carl and Anna in the tower where the werewolf cure was held. This led to a confrontation between her and Anna. Anna would have been killed by Aleera had it not been for the monster's intervention. Aleera managed to catch up with Anna atop of the castle, where she was run through with a silver stake. Noticeably, among all the brides, Aleera was the one who respected their husband the most, openly addressing Dracula as "Master" and "Lord" when talking to or about him continuously throughout the film.

Van Helsing: The Video GameEdit

In the game of the same name, Aleera is the last bride to die but instead of Anna killing her, it is Van Helsing. She fought him on the bridge of Castle Dracula before being killed.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Immortality: Like all Vampires, Aleera, Verona and Marishka are immortal so long as they feed on human blood.
  • Superhuman Strength: The Brides have shown to demonstrate remarkable physical strength, despite their physical stature. They have been shown to be strong enough to lift cattle and throw them into a nearby house as well as hit a human and send them flying several feet into the air.
  • Superhuman Durability: Like their master and husband, the brides can withstand a lot of physical abuse, however their durability can't protect them against weapons holy in nature.
  • Superhuman Healing: Like all Vampires, the brides have the ability to regenerate lost and damaged tissue.
  • Vampire Demon Form: Like Dracula himself the brides can turn into their demonic forms gaining a boost to their physical powers as well as the ability to fly, the only difference between the forms of Dracula and the brides is that the brides' forms are more human(ish).

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