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Valerious the Elder on the Holy Knights reel.

Valerious The Elder
was a royal Transylvanian Knight who lived in Transylvania back when it was being terrorised by Dracula 450 years before 1889, and made a promise to God that his family would never rest nor enter heaven until they vanquished Dracula from the land. Valerious The Elder is the ancestor of King Boris Valerious, Prince Velkan Valerious and Princess Anna Valerious.



Valerious The Elder was a royal knight who lived in Transylvania. He was also unfortunately the father of Count Dracula, who having sired the evil being and couldn't bear to kill his own son, banished him to an icy fortress through a door from which there was no return, but then the Devil gave Dracula wings to come and go, in order to sustain life by drinking the blood of others. Valerious The Elder then went to Rome to seek forgiveness and made a pact to God that his family would vanquish Dracula in return for eternal salvation of his bloodline down to Anna. He also left a certain insignia scroll behind in Rome which came into the care of the Knights of the Holy Order, which was a piece of the painting map in the Valerious Castle that created a portal to Castle Dracula when one spoke the words: In the name of God, open this door. Because he couldn't bear to kill his own son, Valerious The Elder left clues behind so that his descendants might do it for him.


It can be assumed that Valerious The Elder was able to rest in peace with his family when Gabriel Van Helsing was able to finally kill Dracula and ended the curse on his bloodline.

Video game Edit

In the video game, the spectre of Valerious appears to Van Helsing an assists him in defeating Dracula. He is persistently tormented by Dracula's servant