A Vampire is a reanimated corpse which preys on the living; returned to life by the Devil and driven by a need to drink blood to sustain their immortality. The first known vampire was Count Vladislaus Dragulia, a disgraced Knight of the Holy Order murdered by his brother-in-arms.

Originally humans themselves, each vampires is a converted victim; turned by another vampire - presumably resurrected through an exchange of blood between the sire and their vessel - and thus beholden from then on to the Devil and whichever master vampire is in power at the time.

Background Edit

Count Vladislaus Dragulia was a 14th Century Transylvanian Knight of the Holy Order and the blood brother of fellow knight Gabriel Van Helsing. As all soldiers of the Order were, they were sworn to celibacy. However, both Dragulia and Van Helsing fell in love with the same woman.

Attributes Edit

  • Immortality: As they are the living dead, vampires are immortal; unbeholden to the passing of time so long as they remain fed. Diseases and poisons - save for werewolf venom - cannot afflict them, and each vampire seems to remain perpetually at the age in which they died and were resurrected.
    • Regeneration:
  • Monstrous Form: When vampires reveal their true nature, they assume a monstrous form; endowed with leathery wings as well as talons upon their fingers and feet and their fangs fully extend. The bride Aleera was show to extend her teeth and mouth to bestial proportions similar to that of a snake.
    • Winged Flight:
  • Preternatural Strength:
  • Preternatural Speed:
  • Levitation:
    • Adhesion:

Vulnerabilities Edit

  • Werewolf Venom: For reasons never specified, the bite of a werewolf is lethal to a vampire; the venom acting as a poison which eats away at their bodies from the inside similar to an accelerated waste diseases. This is possibly a fail-safe designed by Satan to ensure balance among his creations.
  • Undeath:
  • Sunlight:
  • Flames:
  • Pierced Heart:
  • Holy Water:
  • Blessed Objects: